Albert Honeyman: Honeymans Merchants and Traders

My name, Honeyman was fairly well known in Cannon Street. Blacksmith Most Honeymans originated in Hutton Rudby, and a number of them moved into Middlesbrough in the 1860s,probably for work. My great great granddad, who was a blacksmith, was one of them. He was Richard Honeyman, married to Rebecca Mason, and in 1866 they were […]

Harrison Street

Harrison Street ran from Farrer Street to Lord Street. Click map to enlarge (Back to return)Gallery Newspaper articles, images of Harrison Street and the people who lived there (click photos to enlarge) From the Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, 4 January 1896. Elizabeth Ann Rowland

185 Cannon Street

Shop 1911 Census Name Age Relation Occupation Birthplace Lawrence Rowland 30 Head Butcher Middlesbrough, YKS Ellen Rowland 26 Wife Assisting n business Middlesbrough, YKS James H Rowland 5 Son   Middlesbrough, YKS William Rowland 10 m Son   Middlesbrough, YKS Directory entries Directory Name Occupation Kelly’s 1913 Lawrence Rowland Butcher Additional Located on the North […]