Severs Street

Severs Street ran from Newport Street to Newport Road. Newspaper articles, images of Severs Street and the people who lived there (click photos to enlarge) [gallery ids="2213,3023,3087"] Jackie Tufnell David Tufnell Olwen Fell Tony Holmes Terry Holmes Dorrie Holmes

354 Cannon Street

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceCaroline Martha Knights44Wife Middlesbrough, YKSWilliam Knights19SonShipyard labourerMiddlesbrough, YKSCharles Knights16SonShoe maker & repairerMiddlesbrough, YKSMaud Knights14Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSAlbert Knights10SonSchoolMiddlesbrough, YKSFred Knights8Son Middlesbrough, YKSGeorge Knights5Son Middlesbrough, YKSRuby Pearl Knights2Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSRichard Knights6 mSon Middlesbrough, YKSJohn Henry Knights23SonMerchant seamanMiddlesbrough, YKSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationWard’s 1902-03J HolmesEngine driver Located on the South East side of Cannon Street between Laws Street and King George Street.