Eileen Rowe: My Gran

My Gran Ethel Dodds lived and had a shop in Denmark Street. She never smoked or drank but she was a devil for the gee gees. The family have spoken of the years when she was a back street bookie, this entailed taking bets in the back alley. Apparently, she always had a babe in […]

Geraldine Smith (nee Warburton): Memories of Cannon Street

Geraldine Warburton and Derek Smith on their wedding day St Columba’s Church We were a family of nine. Three girls and six boys, and we lived in Duncombe Street. The Queen’s Coronation was 1953 and I was seven. We lived in a two-up and two-down and there were parties in the street. We all got […]

Dave Connor: Cannon Street

Cannon street was very long in comparison to other streets in the town it stretched from Boundary Road at the centre of town area to the end at Samuelson Street in the Newport area of the town. The street numbers started at the Boundary Road end and the 1958 Middlesbrough Census showed that on the […]

Mavis Wyvill (nee Allick): Salisbury Street

Mavis and Les Allick, Salisbury Street 1950 I was born in Salisbury Street. The war had just finished so it was still pretty tough for our parents. Food was still on ration, but we all got by because we had good neighbours. We all played together in the street most days and sometimes our mams were out […]

Audrey Robinson (nee Ponfield): Dear Old Cannon Street

Dear old Cannon Street. Looking back, what an honour to have lived there. Maybe we didn’t always think that, especially when families didn’t really have much at all to live on, but looking back, it was a lovely, warm, friendly area to live. What a pity Cannon Street couldn’t have been wrapped up in cotton […]

Norman Potter: Growing up on Milbank Street

Greetings from the great white north. My name is Norman J Potter and I have lived in Canada for the past 51 years. I was born in Middlesbrough in March of 1941, and my home was 78 Milbank street until 1957. I am probably alive today due to the help of family and neighbours helping my mother nurse me […]

Jean Slavin: Severs Street

Thomas and Robert Fell in the backyard of 23 Severs street early 1930’s I was born in Croft street the same street my mother, Margaret Fell (nee Newing) had been born but two doors further along. We later moved to Severs street, the street my father had been born in 1920. His father and mother started married […]

Jack Allen: Gran & Grandad Chapman

Margaret & George Chapman outside their house in 16 Childers street on V E day or V J day 1945 I would like to recount memories of my grandmother and grandfather, Margaret and George Chapman of 16 Childers Street in the Cannon area of Middlesbrough near St Columba’s Church. Granny Chapman was a remarkable person, born […]

Howard Warburton: My Italian family from Cannon Street

Howard Warburton My grandparents Crescenzo and Angelina Borzumato had an ice cream shop at 270 Cannon Street in 1915. They moved to 173 Cannon Street in 1921 and lived there until the shop was knocked down in 1962. My family consisted of my mother Santilla and her sisters Mary, Louise plus brothers Andrew, Tommy and […]

Ron Meek: The Church of St Columba

Father Burn opened a small mission church in Alfred Street in 1889 and called it St Laurence. This was changed in in 1891 to St Columba. In 1893 it was moved to the vacated Gospel Hall in Boundary Road. It was accepted as a parish church in 1895. In 1896 it was decided to build […]

Anthony Mario Di Carlo: Memories of Cannon Street

It was 1948, my parents with their two small girls and my mother pregnant, were on a ship bound for England. The war was over. Their homeland Italy was in chaos, people were starving. My parents made the big decision to leave their beloved families to make a better life in a better place. They […]

Albert Honeyman: Honeymans Merchants and Traders

My name, Honeyman was fairly well known in Cannon Street. Blacksmith Most Honeymans originated in Hutton Rudby, and a number of them moved into Middlesbrough in the 1860s,probably for work. My great great granddad, who was a blacksmith, was one of them. He was Richard Honeyman, married to Rebecca Mason, and in 1866 they were […]